Monitornode, your Hosting and Monitoring APP for all your nodes!




With us, setting up, hosting and monitoring your masternodes
will become as simple as it gets!



We provide a simplified and secured setup in which all your masternodes can easily be hosted and managed.  

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Using our service will allow you to run and monitor your masternodes to its fullest potential, even when hosted elsewhere.
You will receive alerts as soon as your masternodes’ status changes to help you manage your portfolio, and each time you have received a reward.

The entry price of a masternode can be substantial or even unaffordable by many. 
With our shared masternodes feature, you will have the opportunity to access expensive masternodes by buying portions of them.
Stay tuned, this feature is coming soon!


At MonitorNode, our working ethics are very strong.
In such a big emerging market with so many business opportunities, a high risk of scams is inevitable. There have been a lot of scams going on in cryptocurrency businesses lately. These scams are often advertised on online forums, social media and emails. Therefore, investors should be wary of any offers that appear genuine and ensure that they do thorough research before investing. If you are a beginner and want to safely engage in crypto, we recommend visiting, a trusted crypto trading platform designed to reduce risk in trading.
This is why offering fair, transparent and secured services is so important to us.
Also, we aim to make the masternode’s use as simple and accessible as possible, in order to facilitate and help the development of such a great mining alternative.


We will add new masternodes all the time.
If you have a masternode’s request, use our contact form to let us know!

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